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maintenance and repair with mcs maintenance solutions


Searching for 24-hour emergency plumbing near me? Our skilled London handyman can provide you with immediate assistance! Be it a pipe that's leaky or a toilet repair, you can rely on multi-skilled tradesmen to help you out. All you need to do is tell us what's the problem and when the handyman should come and fix it.

Scrubbing the Sink


If your bathroom is tired and outdated, call on emergency plumbers in London for a complete bathroom remodel and renovation. Your local home improvement professional can help install tile flooring, knock out walls and install the perfect vanity. From cabinet installation to painting, the handy squad is the one-call solution to your bathroom and remodel project.


Call us for emergency plumbing service and for quality water damage restoration services that are effective and affordable. We use cutting-edge technology and non-invasive methods to find the cause of flooding and fix it at the root of the problem. We have an in-depth understanding and experience assessing water damage and creating customized solutions. Our highly trained professionals in renovation London arrive on time, are prepared, and get the job done quickly. 

Water Damage Repair
Fixing Appliances


There is never a good time for a household appliance to stop working. Save yourself the cost of having to purchase a new product and get quick, reliable, and affordable repairs by a local handyman near me. We're proud to have a team of appliance repair specialists in London, on hand to fix any domestic appliance quickly and efficiently. Local electricians near me are trusted by the UK's leading brands to replace faulty parts and fix all domestic appliance makes and models, offering our customers friendly and reliable service along the way.


Stoves, refrigerators, refrigerators, freezers, electric ovens, washing machines / dishes. for all these, we are at your disposal with professional repair services, regardless of make or model. Covering such a wide range of appliances, we aim to help as many customers as possible. In addition to repair work, our range of services includes other types of operations, such as maintenance, replacement of components, or professional cleaning with special solutions.

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