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Have you searched for fitting services in London or fitting services near me?

Why not enjoy your free time and let the tedious work to a professional handyman?


Hanging small pictures and mirrors by yourself may be easy but often times you need to fit big curtains, lots of big paintings, heavy mirrors, and many other wall and ceiling furnishings with a high risk of installing them incorrectly. 

Get your furnishings hung with mathematical precision and safety. Hang art, glass, or curtains, we will take care of it.

blind fitting


If you’re planning on buying new blinds or curtains, we can take the stress out of fitting them for you. We provide our curtain and blind fitting service for residential and commercial customers anywhere in London. Our tradesmen are equipped with all the tools and fixings needed to fit your blinds or curtains. Similarly, if you’ve had problems with existing fitted blinds or curtains falling down, we can help with them too. After repairing any holes, new secure fixings can be made.


Hanging up mirrors, pictures, and wall art can often be more tricky than first thought. Depending on your purchase, there may be different types of fittings and tools required. Taskers have experience measuring and hanging pictures and wall art to make sure they are perfectly level, aligned, and securely fitted. They will help minimize any wall damage and fill any old holes need it. They will bring the required tools and equipment if you don't have them available already.

bathroom fitting
snaging job


There are many different types of windows, many different types of blinds, and things start getting tricky when you have to work around decorative molding or hang something from the ceiling. Taskers can help you take out the guesswork for curtain hanging and blind installation. They can help you pick up the right materials for your space and install them in no time! 


Whether you’ve been unsure about how to fit your new blinds, struggled to install and align correctly a heavy oak mirror or you’ve got a set of bookshelves that need to be mounted on the wall, we can help. By counting on our expert approach, professional tools, and attention to detail, you will be able to transform and enhance your property interior in no time at all. We will help you put the finishing touches at your home in a safe, skillful, and aesthetic fashion.

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